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Wainganga Bahu-Uddeshiya Vikas Sanstha’s

Bajiraoji Karanjekar College of Pharmacy

Established in 2003
Affiliated to RTMNU, Nagpur
Approved by MSBTE, DTE, AICTE & PCI
Accredited by NBA



List of book and chapter published year wise

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title of the book/chapters published National / International ISBN number of the proceeding Name of the publisher
1 Mr. Atish sahare, Sandip Sonwane and Dinesh Panpalia Modern concept in community pharmacy and management National 97815-43346-24-4 S.Vikas and & company
1 Pooja Dhoke, Avinash O. Maske Recent formulation development and evaluation o lozenze containing polyherbal extract of cinnamomum tamala and spilanthes acmella. International 978-93-91595-56-2 Current Aspects in Pharmaceutical Research and Development Vol. 1
1 Mr. Atish Y. Sahare and R.T. Lohiya Synthetic aspects of organic and medicinal chemistry National 97815-43343-36-6 S.Vikas and & company
1 Dr. Tulsidas Nimbekar Practical mannual of pharmacognosyand phytochemistry II National 97815-43343-33-5 S.Vikas and & company Jalandhar
2 Dr.T Sudha, Mrs. R.RajeshwariDr. V.R.Ravikumar MrTulsidasP.Nimbekar. Current trend in pharmacognosy and phytochemistry II (Theory cumpractical) National 97815-43343-35-9 S.Vikas and & company Jalandhar
1 Mr. Atish Sahare and Dr. Sachin Hiradeve Practical aspects of pharmaceutical organic chemistry National 978-81-937784-9-4 Global Education Limited


Faculty Publications in AY 2021-22 (June 2021 to May 2022)

Sr. No. Authors name Title of the article Full name of Journal Journal Indexing (Scopus, Thomson reuters, PubMed, Google scholar, Elsevier)
1 A.Y Sahare, Dinesh Panpalia, P.S Raghu ,Pooja S. Dhoke In vitro antioxidant and anti- inflammatory activity of Eragrostis Pilosa. International journal of creative research thoughts  
2 A.Y Sahare, Tikesh Agrawal, Sonal Gupta, Dinesh Panpalia and Pooja Dhoke Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal face pack for healthy skin International journal of innovative research in technology UGC
3 Pranita S. Jiwankar, D. Khobragade S. Chandewar, A. Pimpale R. Gawali A. Lokhande A.O. Maske, R. Agrawal Phytochemical, uv visible and FTIR assessment along with in vitro antioxidant activity of methanolic extract of tephrosia purpurea linn root. Journal of pharmaceutical research international  
4 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, P.K. Sahoo, Jaya Pandey, Meenaxi Kanwar Chauhan A green chemistry approach towards synthesizing hydrogel foe sustained ocular delivery of brinzolamide: In vivo and ex vivo evaluation. Journal of the Indian chemical society Scopus
5 Avinash Maske, S. M. Sonwane, Miss Priyanka K. lanje, Dr P.S.Raghu. Formulation and evaluation of herbal antibacterial hand wash by using methanolic extract acacia auriculiformis fruit. Journal of global trend in pharmaceutical science  
6 Dinesh V.Panpalia, Atish y. sahare, Priyanka Lanje, Pooja Dhoke. Formulation development and evaluation od sustained release microsphere of levetiracetum. International journal of pharmaceutical science; review and research  
7 R.D. Motghare.A.O. Maske,Mr. A.D. Wanjari, Ms. S.S. Gupta, R.B. Agrawal. Formulation of topical gel containing cymbopogon citratus oil and evaluation of its antimicrobial activity. International journal of innovative research in technology UGC
8 S.A. Bilawar,P.S. Raghu,S.P.Girhepunje,D.M. Vitthale and P.K. Lanje. Review on various species of cassia available and their p”cological activities. World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences  
9 D. M. Vitthale,T.P. Nimbekar, P.S. Raghu, C.P. Ramteke and S.P. Girhepunje. Pharmaceutical liposomal drug delivery :A review of new delivery systems. World journal of pharmaceutical and life science  
10 R.B. Agrawal A.D. Wanjari, R.D. Motghare, A.O. Maske, Dr P.S. Raghu. Review: Psychological aspects of diabetes in children and parents. World journal of pharmaceutical research  
11 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, Meenaxi Kanwar Chavhan.. An overview of green synthesis and potential pharmaceutical application od nanoparticle as targeted drug delivery system in biomedicine. Drug research Scopus
12 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, Meenaxi Kanwar Chavhan. Application of vitamin E TPGS in ocular therapeutics- attributes beyond expient. Journal of Indian chemical society Scopus
13 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, Meenaxi Kanwar Chavhan Recent advances and techniques of glaucoma induction in animal models: A review International ophthalmology ESCI and Scopus
14 K.Sushma Ratna,E.Bhargav, R. Bhanu Teja, Niharchowdary,Dr.P.S. Raghu, M Vijaya Jyoti. GC- MS study parmotrema perlatum an edible lichen and assessment of its antioxidant potential by molecular docking and in vitro method. Journal of cardiovascular diseases Research Scopus
Faculty Publications in AY 2020-21    (June 2020 to May 2021)
Sr. No. Authors name Title of the article Full name of Journal Journal Indexing (Scopus, Thomson reuters, PubMed, Google scholar, Elsevier)
1 Tulsidas Nimbekar,Ajay Dongarwar and Dr. Damodar Gaupale Traditional knowledge of medicinal herbs of Gondia District for beauty care : An Ethano- Botanical survey Saudi journal of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.  
2 Mr.Tulsidas Nimbekar Formulation and evaluation of topical herbal gel for rheumatoid arthritis using some medicinal plants International journal of pharma and bioscience  
3 Tulsidas Nimbekar,Ashish Jain, Pradeep Kumar Mohanty. Phytochemical screening and in vitro anti diabetic activity of extract of some Indian medical plants Research journal of pharmacy and technology Scopus
4 Maheshwary Bhongade Shubham Kale,Avinash O. Maske,Yogeshwary M. Bhongade. Formulation and evaluation of paracetamol tablet to assess the binding property of sweet lemon peel pectin. European journal of pharmaceutical and medical research  
5 Omita Paulzagade and Anshuman Borkar Simultaneous estimation of drug digoxin in tablet dosage form by uv spectrophotometric method. International journal of life science and pharma research  
6 Mr.Tulsidas Nimbekar ,Ashish Jain Pradeep kumar Mohanty. Effect of salacia reticulata root bark on blood glucose levels of normal and alloxan- monohydrate induced diabetic mice Journal of cardiovascular diseases Research Scopus
7 Mr.Tulsidas Nimbekar, Anil Sao ,Shishupal Bodhankar Traditional knowledge on potential treatment option in plants for covid -19 International journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research  
8 Mr.Tulsidas Nimbekar ,Shishupal Bodhankar Formulation, development and evaluation of controlled release film forming gel for antiseptic activity. Research journal of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical science  
9 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, Meenaxi Kanwar Chauhan. Research progress of Nanostructured lipid carriers in ocular drug delivery Bentham science, Drug delivery letter. Scopus
10 Chandrashekhar M. Chakole, Meenaxi Kanwar Chauhan. Role of polyphenolic compounds in management of oxidative stress associated with glaucoma. Europeans journal of molecule and clinical medicine Scopus
11 Jagdish V. Manwar,Wrushali A.Panchale, Ravindra L. Bakal and Atish sahare Newer RP-HPLC method development and validation of cefixime and linezolide in bulk drugs and combined dosage form. International journal of pharmacy and life science  
12 Shishupal Bodhankar,Payal A. Dekate , Bhushan Hatwar and Hemlata Rathore. Evaluation of antibacterial activities in carioca papaya Linn. International journal of phytopharmacy  
13 Chitragana Ramteke,Jaya Dhanare, Sachin Hiradeve Phyto- pharmacognostic screening and in vitro anti- Urolithiatic activity of stigma of zea mays Linn. Journal of advanced scientific research  
14 T.P. Nimbekar, Maria D. Atansova and ivan Inkov. Clinical characteristics, treatment and outcome of novel coronavirus pneumonia (covid- 19): Review article. International journal of medical reviews and case reports (2020)  


Faculty Publications in AY 2019-20    (June 2019 to May 2020)
Sr. No. Authors name Title of the article Full name of Journal Journal Indexing (Scopus, Thomson reuters, PubMed, Google scholar, Elsevier)
1 Sheikh S.A., D. C, Gaupale Formulation and evaluation of herbal anti-dandruff shampoo containing TRIGONELLA FOENUM-GRAECUM SEED EXTRACT. Journal of Harmonized Research in pharmacy.  
2 Rashmi Zole, C.M. Chakole Formulation and evaluation of antibacterial gel using leaf extract od Andrographis paniculata. Indo American journal of pharmaceutical research.  
3 A.O. Maske, A.Y Sahare, Sanket Sapate Preparation and evaluation of polyherbal face pack. International journal chemical and pharmaceutical analysis.  
4 Prachi Barsagade,Rakesh Bhute, A.Y. Sahare and A.O. Maske Evaluation of in-vitro antioxidant activity of marketted tobacco products. International journal of pharmacological research.  
5 Avinash O. Maske,Manisha Pandhare, Ashwin Wanjari Formulation and evaluation of herbal face pack for glowing skin. International journal of advance in pharmaceutics  
6 A.D. Wanjari, A. O. Maske,R.D. Motghare, A.S. Meshram and S.S. Bodhankar. Extraction and characterization of butea monosperma (Lam.) kuntze flower petals dye for its uses in the colouration of pharmaceutical syrup. International journal of phytopharmacy.  
7 T.P. Nimbekar Shishupal Bodhankar, Anil sao. Formulation and evaluation of fermented ayurvedic formulation Asava. International journal of phytomedicine.  
8 Pallavi Chandewar, Bhairavi chauhan,Atish Sahare, Pooja Deshpande, Dinesh Kawade SARS coronavirus : A review of threat in global world. International journal of Research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science  
9 Pooja Deshpande,Dinesh M. Biyani, Avinash O. Maske, Dr. Millind Umekar and Bhushan Hatwar. Formulation development and evaluation of lozenges containing polyherbal extract of cinnmomum tamala and spilanthes acmella Journal of harmonized research.  
10 Puja Ramteke, Ekta Tembhare,Atish Sahare,S.C. Akre Preparation and evaluation of beverage of Mahua flowers and its reducing power assay. International journal of phytopharmacy  
11 A.O. Maske, Ku. Sonal Gupta R.D. Motghare, Anil sao Assessment of in-vitro sun protection factor and rheological profile of some marketed sunscreen formulation in East Vidarbha areas. Advance pharmaceutical journal  
12 Ajay Dongarwar, Priti Bisen, Priyanka Jonal, Rajashree Chinhalore, Nitin Indurwade,Tulsidas Nimbekar Synthesis and evaluation of tolbutamide assisted by microwave oven. World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences  
13 Hemlata Rathore,Bhushan Hatwar,Shishupal Bodhankar

Anti diabetic and antioxidant activity of aqueous root extract of chlorophytum boriviliuanum ( Safed Musali)

Journal of harmonized research in pharmacy.  

Faculty Publications in AY 2018-19    (June 2018 to May 2019)

Sr. No. Authors name Title of the article Full name of Journal Journal Indexing (Scopus, Thomson reuters, PubMed, Google scholar, Elsevier)
1 T.P.Nimbekar,A. S. Meshram,Farooqui M.S. Formulation and evaluation of ointment containing natural wound healing activity of TRIDAX PROCUMBENS Journal of emerging technology and innovative research. UGC
2 Ajay Dongarwar,Vivek Vanjari, Chetan Maske, T.P. Nimbekar Synthesis and evaluation of aspirin assisted by microwave oven International journal of pharmacy and biological science  
3 Bhushan Hatwar,D.C. Gaupale,Aparna Rokade. Antimicrobial potential of cream formulation containing essential oil (Citronella oil) of CYMPBOPOGON NARDUS LINN. Journal of Harmonized Research (JOHR).  
4 Atish Sahare,Apeksha Ghodeswar,Anshuman Borkar Formulation and evaluation of herbal ointment of FICUS RELIGIOSA LEAVES International journal of pharmaceutical sciences and practice  
5 A.D. Wanjari, A. O. Maske, S.C. Akre, R.D. Motghare,A.Y. Sahare, S.S Bodhankar and T.P. Nimbekar Apha-amylase inhibition activity of leaves of ALSTONIA SCHOLARIS R Br. International journal of pharnmacological reasearch.  

Faculty Publications in AY 2017-18    (June 2017 to May 2018)

Sr. No. Authors name Title of the article Full name of Journal Journal Indexing (Scopus, Thomson reuters, PubMed, Google scholar, Elsevier)
1 Surendra P. Agrawal,Pratushti Mittal, Shishupal Bodhankar A study on process drifts of directly compressible matrix tablets of isoniazid Europian journal of pharmaceutical and medical reasearch.  
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